Hello, I'm Stacy Weeks.


I've always had a passion for movement and dogs, I started dog agility over 14 years ago and decided to combine my passions. I just love helping people move better to achieve their goals.

My Deepest Why


As much as this programme is about helping the handlers move better, it really is all about the dogs. I know all too well what over training the dog can bring, personally and from observations.

If we all just focussed on our 'bio'mechanics more then we would really see big changes to our dogs abilities.


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The latest from my Blog

Vitamin D

With lots of discussions about Vitamin D boosting the immune system and people taking supplements, how important is it?

Mind Your Language

Now, I'm campaigning to you.

Irrespective of whether you have influence, popularity or accolades pouring from your mantle, we all have a duty of care to be honest in our actions.

Change happens through...

How well do you cope with change? A quick blog looking at how change can be experienced.

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