Before commencing any physical fitness programme, in person or online, you should consult a medical professional especially if your immediate family suffers from any hereditary medical conditions such as but not limited to - Hypertension, Coronary heart disease etc, similarly if you have suffered any loss of breath or chest pains during exercise. If you haven't attended or participated in any exercise for over a month, if you smoke, are obese, have a joint or bone disorder or any other condition or lifestyle that could cause concern you will also need to speak with a medical professional before commencing this programme. You will be required to agree to this before access to this site is granted.

This site is an educational tool, it is not a replacement for in person training or medical advice given by a medical professional (GP, Physiotherapist etc).

Participating in this programme is taken at your own risk, Control Precision Flow accepts no responsibility. No assurance is given that this remote programme is suitable for you as an individual, it is your responsibility to ensure what you are doing is correct and suitable for you at all times. In addition, no guarantee is given in what you achieve in your sport following this programme.

Any advice and guidance given by other contributors to this site, is not the responsibility of Control Precision Flow. Any courses surrounding mental preparation or mental performance for competition, is again an educational tool. If you are suffering from any mental health disorders, or currently taking medicine for a mental health condition, you must speak to your medical professional/counsellor before you take further advice. Mental health & mindset for sport are two very different things, this site assumes no responsibility. 

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information on this site is up to date and correct, no guarantees are given.

If you feel you are suffering from a medical emergency, and you live in the United Kingdom, please dial 999 and request medical assistance immediately. Please refer to your countries appointed number if outside the UK.