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Finally! You made me do it.....

introductions the long game think dog Feb 02, 2019

Well I've finally caved in to the growing pressure to put my programme online. For those of you that know, this is a huge step. I have no idea how this is going to grow and develop, but it is happening and I'm scared, which is strangely exciting. I've spent years, 6 to be exact, trying to put the message out there that agility is a two way street, a partnership of dog and handler. Any dog sport is, and it is my hope, overtime, I can help the human part in all dog sport disciplines.

Nearly 12 years ago I came across an advert in the vets for a dog agility class, my husband and I rocked up with Max (our collie x staffie x I have no idea) who is now nearly 17 years old, and from that moment I was hooked, we both were. Only one problem, 1 dog and 2 handlers, so I let my husband train Max and I watched every week, quietly searching for a Border Collie, until one day along came Chace (Brueway Chasing Dreams).

We were warned that one day we would need a van, and we steadily went from 2 dogs and a Vauxhall Vectra, to 4 dogs, one on the way (more about that soon I promise) and a Ford Transit, kitted out with cages and a bed area for one of us to sleep in if we have to travel away on our own! Sound a familiar story, maybe you could share your story in the comments below, I always love hearing about how people got involved in dog sports.

So back on topic, if you have seen my #TechniqueTuesdays on Facebook you will know I regularly go off topic! Control Precision Flow is my programme, and it is finally going online, as a resource, a training programme, a platform of support, and anything else that can help dog sport handlers. There is a lot to write up, film, put together, after all I have been solely researching handler fitness and movement single handed in the UK since 2013, however, it will build slowly and surely to serve you, its audience.

Did I mention I am scared, I really am......

  • What if no one cares or who will join me? It will be very lonely!! But to be fair I've been banging a solo drum for years so if one person plays I will be happy.
  • What if it gets copied? Well it has been copied already, I saw that several times last year, so now I have a solicitor ready to help me with that. It's nice to know you inspire people but it is nicer when they say, well Stacy Weeks said.
  • What if someone hurts themselves? This scares me no end. I've seen a rise in handler injuries last year, both in my clinic, as well as in discussions before or during my workshops. So many desperately following fitness programmes unsupervised, that are not suitable for them or specific to what they want to do. The same underlying factor throughout every case.

As in everything, what works for one, may not work for everyone and I'm sure that there will be some teething problems with my programme, regardless of how specific I can make it. Online training, cannot and never will/should replace in person training in my professional opinion. Anything I deem 'requiring supervision/in person support' will only be available to those I work with or have assessed move in person. 

What I can promise you, is that everything here will be specific to your sport, from a qualified professional, a geek, a passionate dog sport lover, who is said by many, an expert in her field; dog handler fitness and movement analysis (I'm not just saying that either, several people who are working at a higher level in agility, elite sports and the fitness industry have commented 'best in the business' and 'you really are an expert in what you do'). I will bring you the up to the minute research and elite level training protocols, I will share my highs and my lows, I'm human, I make mistakes, and I will share those too. I can get you fit if that is what you want, but I won't do it so you have to sacrifice everything you love or your precious time, it is a long game, not a short term fix, but what I will deliver is over 6 years of research to help you move better. Something that is sustainable, suitable and supportive for the sport you choose to do.

Bye for now

Stacy xx


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