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Ladies do you need more support?

activewear anatomy dog agility dog sports Sep 05, 2019

Let's face it ladies, this part of our body can have more enthusiasm in movement than other parts do depending on size. They also attract a lot of attention, positive or negative, but they may well be affecting how you communicate with your dog. Not to leave the gentlemen out because you could need support for your reproductive organs (I will do a post about that later).

Boobs love to move, in all planes of movement, your body and your boobs are governed by Newtons second law of physics Fma

"When a net force sigmaF acts on an object of mass m, the acceleration of that mass can be calculated by sigmaF = ma.” 

In short a pair of boobs dependent on size can seriously shift without the support. The breast is not a muscle.They are our fleshy assets with a distinct function, and depending on how 'blessed' you are in the breast department they can certainly move about alot when you are in motion. Research says up to 15cm when running. 


The humble boob is not a muscle, their primary function is a mammary gland to produce milk to feed progeny after birth, they are full of lobules, ducts, ligaments, fat, connective tissue and are part of our lymphatic drainage system, they sit over the pectoralis major. The nipples contain sweat glands too.

When they are unsupported they bounce in multiple directions, so when you are in the agility or hoopers ring your body and your boobs could technically be going in opposing directions causing force and trauma to the tissues. The ligaments stretch and do not return, which in turn leads to breast sagging.

In the obedience ring, when you are walking at pace and then have to make a turn, again the laws of physics kick in, they turn the opposite way and then catch up.

Similarly in Heelwork to music, when you turn, jump and change heights in your routine an unsupported boob can move multiple times. And let's face it, excess breast movement can visually detract from your routine, not to mention mask vital cues to your dog.

In agility, well, those multiple changes of direction at speed, get them all in a bit of a twizzle! And in all seriousness can cause you pain.

When we think about the requirements for our sport, we want to send the correct signals to the dog when we are in motion. Research by the University of Portsmouth has found that we also change our running style depending on how our breasts are supported. Many of the handling systems for agility discuss the use of the shoulders for directional changes. Based on just that alone, excess movement could cause the dog to take the wrong obstacle, not turn as quickly or miss a vital part of the course, again this can be applied to all dog sports.

Larger breasts, natural or fake, can affect your posture, pulling and rounding your shoulders and pulling you into posture classifications like forward head or kyphosis. This then leads to you losing stamina in your posterior muscle chain, excessive load on your cervical spine, pelvis and even your knees, all of which again inhibits how you communicate effectively with your dog.

Wearing a supportive bra when doing any dog sport is important, whether its agility, canicross, hoppers, obedience, heelwork to music or any other activity or dog sport you are involved in.

Check out how much movement your assets can shift here:

Further discussion on this topic and how you can improve your posture will be available on this website when it goes live.

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