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Change happens through...

body awareness boomerang change coaching kubler ross proprioception Jun 19, 2020

In many of my training practices, the word change appears the most. Joseph Pilates famous quote is due to adorn my treatment room at the studio. 

"Change happens through movement, and movement heals"

His teachings are clear, the body needs to move, but it can have a profound effect on the mind, which can be one of the biggest barriers to living a pain free life, I've certainly seen this first hand with many of my rehab clients.

A few years ago now, I came across the Kubler-Ross model through my biomechanics training, where it explains the emotional rollercoaster we go through when we learn. 

It's actually a model to describe the stages of grief, however it's an interesting way to describe how we cope with change, especially new learning, and even more when something challenges your existing knowledge or belief. I've talked about this in my workshops and quite often see participants go from one end of the curve to the other, some rollercoaster up and down throughout. 

Sometimes it is important to strip things back or change something completely, I have a new puppy, Boomerang, you might have seen him on some of my social media posts. His presence is a great reminder about building the right foundations, for humans and dogs. As a nearly 12 week old puppy, his proprioception and understanding of his body is minimal, it is up to me to help him navigate his way through life, but ultimately he is unconsciously incompetent, when he learns something he becomes consciously incompetent and keeps trying to get it right.

I quite often inherit clients who have been doing fitness training, they have no idea they are doing things that aren't either suitable for their sport/everyday life or their natural biomechanics. They are unconsciously incompetent, when they realise this, they go through a variety of those emotions seen on that Kubler Ross scale. My job is to make that realisation easier for them, and help them grow, move forward and give them the right skills which will improve their performance, in daily life, work or sports. 

The way I work is a huge change to some, I want the best for them, not to beast them to exhaustion (this way of training is incredibly out dated and unsustainable). The fact is at any stage of life, things need to change in order to grown or develop.But change can be difficult, Boomerang and I are adjusting to life together, there will be moments of denial, anger, frustration and decision for us both, the same is said of stripping clients back to the foundations of establishing good body awareness, proprioception and good technique. 

Do you embrace change? Let me know your thoughts below....


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